The “Sunburst Chart” Has its Day in the Sun for Transfer Pricing Data

2 min readJan 26, 2021

Greg Saint James — VP Global Marketing Aibidia

The Aibidia Digital Transfer Pricing Platform goes well beyond transfer pricing documentation to cover advanced analytics for Country-by-Country (CbC) and Value Chain, which are increasingly important in explaining and defending transfer pricing strategy to tax authorities. The Aibidia team has spent a significant amount of time developing visualization options in both areas to help tax teams gain more insight from these typically complicated data sets. Our visual dashboards are even interactive, allowing the viewer to dive deeper into the data and model various scenarios in real-time.

In developing the analytics capabilities for Value Chain, our team of engineers and transfer pricing experts looked into many different visualizations to find the one that provided the most informative view and intuitive interactivity. In the end, the team determined the “Sunburst Chart” was the best way to represent the allocation of Value Chain. We are confident that our customers will have a strong affinity to this view as well.

As you can see from this example below, the “Sunburst” provides a view of the allocation of value generated by the group to help evaluate if profit allocation is optimized and aligned with the overall transfer pricing strategy. When a user clicks on any one part of the chart, they can see how the profit is allocated by entity and functions, risks and assets in the context of the value chain set-up.

With a fast click, users can change their view to “role-based” and the chart immediately adjusts, providing a fast and informative way to inspect value chain data from several perspectives.

These sunburst charts and the entire value chain analytics part of the Aibidia platform are ultimately designed to improve how organizations communicate with all stakeholders across APAs, MAPs, and tax audits. Together with powerful CbC analytics and automation of documentation, this set of capabilities is a key reason why Aibidia is the #1 Digital Transfer Pricing Platform in the marketplace covering your transfer pricing workflows.

Ultimately, we see these capabilities providing organizations with new ways to unlock value and gain insight. The Aibidia team is hard at work looking into other breakthroughs in visualization and real-time modeling, knowing it will be hard to top the “Sunburst.”




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