Digitalizing Your Transfer Pricing Function

Typical Challenge

The preparation of TP documentation often evolves into a chaotic ad hoc exercise and understandably so. In-house tax professionals likely inherit legacy systems and processes that are difficult to break out from. At the same time, TP rules get more complex and analysis requirements more sensitive to changes in the functional profile of an affiliate. The process involves a lot of manual and error-prone work with bulk of the required background material nowhere to be found when needed.

Advantages of Digitalisation

Digitalising your in-house TP function means using digital tools to automate manual processes and to establish clear structures and standardised processes throughout the TP documentation life cycle: Collecting information, managing data, preparing analyses and modelling scenarios, compiling and submitting files, monitoring outcomes, and communicating with different stakeholders.

Ways to Start Your Digital Journey

Digital tools can be introduced into TP processes step-by-step and alongside existing processes or entire digital systems can be fully implemented in one go.



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